VIVO Investment Partners acquires and develops stand-alone theater, conference, restaurant spaces, large full-service hotels, and resort properties, that after repositioning, will become modern-day, privately owned for-profit “civic and cultural” destinations in communities across the globe, as VIVO Haus.

Investment Strategy

Acquire, ground lease, or enter a joint venture to develop underperforming real estate assets via:

  • Using entitlements and zoning to increase size and bulk for new developments to achieve “highest and best use.”
  • Identify existing assets with facilities that would allow for a retrofit of the concept strategy activating dormant existing spaces.  
  • Financial Engineering - Identify and develop properties that are in NMTC, OZ, USDA, Food Deserts, C-PACE, and/or access to Public Private Taxable Bonds areas that would substantially reduce VIVO Haus equity requirements and maximize returns.  
Vivo Investment Partners, LP

Concept Strategy

  • All Spaces are dual-use & have an AM/PM use. 
  • Average programmed operational time used per space per day is greater than 12 hours.
  • Each space has its own individual program, activations, and promotions.
  • The reciprocal spillover effect from queuing of all activation will primarily benefit the F&B and amusement areas and vice versa depending on the purpose of the visit.
  • Spaces will visually evolve throughout the day in which the different social, amusement, networking spaces, and entertainment category extensions cycle will feel like one space, and not 4 distinct businesses.  
  • Each location will have an “Entertainer Concept-Evangelist” and a “General Manager” to manage guest experience and stimulate cross monetization.  


  • By visiting VIVOHAUS, customers will be participating in its Social Equity Program in which 2% of Net Profits will be donated to ASPIRA of New York and the Posse Foundation, Inc. to fund future college students’ tuition. By staying at a VIVO Haus, guests will be meeting their personal needs while doing a social good.